There are so many router bit manufacturers and tool makers in the market that it feels like all the small shops and small guys start with this business and get lost somewhere or fail. Many times, it is assumed that only those companies offer improved products which are big companies, no actual thought or test is done to support the quality and safety of the products.


It’s not necessary that expensive adverts and fancy packaging make the product any better. Here’s a story to prove this statement.

A Carbide Tool Guru was examining two router bits: One from a large and well-established manufacturer, the other from a little and lesser-known brand. Being a steadfast client to both the manufacturers, he had used tools from each of them, many times in the past. Recalling his previous experiences with both the tools, he realized that he couldn’t remember any one of them being all that superior to the other.

He made a decision to look at both the router bits very closely under a scope to find out which one was better. He based his theory on the fact that an advanced tool would have fewer to no surface defects with better brazing and assembled joints. Much to his surprise the Southeast Tool Industrial Router Bit was actually better in his assessment than the other well-established router bit. The expensive and quality router bit had one or two little gauges and imperfections in the shank; even the joints weren’t brazed correctly, preventing the carbide from fitting perfectly into the joint. The Southeast Tool had perfectly brazed joints and no surface imperfections.

From the findings made, Tom was able to make an estimation of the tool life by the standard of producing. Both the tools could cut beautifully, but his theory did prove that bigger and costlier does not always equal better.