Router Table Reviews -Our Recommendations for 2016



Planning to buy a new Router Table? Confused as to what’s the best available in the market? Then you’ve landed at the right place for all your Router Table needs.

Finding and purchasing the exact router table is really a headache. Ensuring that it is compatible with your router, has a large table surface and fence to work, a great mounting plate and is worth the money spent is a challenge.

Hence below we take you through our Router Table reviews and with an overall approach on the subject which would help you find the best according to your wood working needs and affordability.

If you’re looking for a router table for its precision and performance then our top recommendation would be Kreg’s PRS1045 Precision Router Table System.

However, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for something that gives you the best under that budget then our pick for you is Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table.

After an intense research, we’ve shortlisted the Top 5 Router Tables that don’t just offer great performance but also the required safety and stability to smoothen your workflow.


Top Picks for Professional Wood Workers and DIY Experts

As consumers your main motive is to get the best possible product in the most affordable price at the best quality assurance. So here, it’s our motive also to provide you with the finest and true reviews.

1.Kreg PRS 1045 This is the best we’ve reviewed so far. It has all the required features for that best cut and an unmatched precision. It features a sturdy design, lot of working space and safety characteristics also.

2.BenchDog 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron – This one we call a beast. BenchDog 40-102 ProMax is the sturdiest because of the cast iron built and it fits well even in minimum space.


Top Picks for Hobbyists

As you are just getting started with woodworking, the needs and budgets vary from that of professionals. Therefore, here are two budget friendly router tables that are perfect for you and would help you craft the most artistic creations.

  1. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop – We rate this one as the most reasonably priced and successful router table. It offers a high quality routing experience within a budget.
  2. Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop – A compact router table that takes minutes to assemble. It does not offer a lot of fancy features but it lets any router fit in making this it’s best attribute.

ImageModelRecommendations and Rating


Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router TableNo.1 Recommendation


Your Best Buy!

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BenchDog 40–102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Review

BenchDog 40–102 ProMax Cast Iron Router Table Review

BenchDog 40–102 ProMax Cast Iron Router TableNo.2 Recommendation


The best solution if space is a concern.

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Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router TableNo.3 Recommendation


Portable & Value for Money

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Bench Dog 40–001 ProTop Contractor Router TableNo.4 Recommendation


Perfectly fits every router.

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Kreg PRS2100 Precision Router Table Review

Kreg PRS2100 Precision Router Table Review

Kreg PRS2100 Precision Router TableNo.5 Recommendation


Great Choice for all the DIY needs.

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 Buyer’s Guide for  Router Tables



Router Table is one of the handiest and multipurpose additions you can make to your workplace. With the router mounted securely in a table, both your hands are free for maximum control during the perfect cut. That extra control allows you to embellish routing operation very easily. It opens up to the list of  possibilities allowing you to do things you couldn’t do with a handheld router – such as routing narrow pieces, cutting the raised or flat panels and machining of very small and awkward wood pieces. With your imagination and creativity you can build a number of things with a router table.

Consider the Size of the table

Before getting a router table do consider what you are getting it for, serious wood work or for home/hobby purpose. There are router tables in all sizes ranging from small to large. Make sure you get the table that caters to your project requirements.


If you already have a router make sure the table you get fits well with your existing router.

Select the best suited Router Bits for the Table

This is also one key aspect to guarantee proper working. There are hundreds of router bits available in different sizes and profiles. Find the bit that best fits your project needs. It ensures that the cut is made with perfect depth and consistency.

Durability and Sturdiness of the Top is mandatory

Make sure the top of the table is made up of a hard wood or metal to provide easy and safe routing.  There are certain tables that have plastic work surfaces to work on which increases your work load..

Rigid Base Plate

On router tables, the router is attached to a base plate, which in turn fits into an opening in the table top. The quality and layout of this base plate can have a considerable impact on the functioning of the table. Besides being absolutely flat, the base plate also needs to sit perfectly levelled with the surface of the router table.

Easy to Position Fence

In most router table operations, you’ll control the cut by keeping your wood piece pressed against the fence as you advance it past the bit. So you want a fence that is up to the task and easy to work with. There are two basic types of fences: a one-piece fence and a two-piece or split fence. Choose the one that’s handy.

Vacuum Port for keeping the Dust away

You obviously don’t want to mess up the whole space so the dust collector makes it really nice and clean while working. It allows free flow of work and not lets the wood chips get stuck in between the fence or wood stock. So choose the one with maximum suction quality.

Power and Accuracy

Review through several router tables and test for their accuracy and power. Choose the one that provides maximum accuracy for your projects with best results when it comes to power.

Stable Base

An unsteady base is always dangerous and risky to work with. Choose a table that prevents shifting and vibrations and also provides a secure and supportive working.